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"Maruti Brass Products" Philosophy

It is our strong desire always to remain in contact continuously with all our customers. Our Directors visit each of these customers personally at least once a year. This has helped us not only to grow but also to establish a long term business association and friendship.

Our customers are not just customers but in true sense they are "Business Partners" who are a constant source of inspiration in our progress.

Our Quality is superb, the Service is excellent, and support to our customer is genuine. We offer in general best of everything at a very competitive price.

About Us

Manufacturers and Exporters of Brass Industrial Cable Glands and Accessories Conduit Fittings and Accessories. Brass Sanitary Fittings, Brass Bars, Tubes and Sections, Brass Articles, Brass Auto Parts and Fittings. All Types of Precision Brass Components and Parts.

Product Range and Vision

"MARUTI" produces Cable Glands, which are manufactured and tested as per prevailing International Standards. In order to satisfy demands of different testing authorities and choosy customers, our range of Cable Glands are as per British Standards BS 6121 and as per German Standards (PG GLANDS). We have tested our most popular and highly demanded BW and CW Glands with B.S.I. standard BS:6121 PART | 1987.

Components, Parts and Accessories

MARUTI BRASS PRODUCTS is also manufactures literally hundreds of components, parts and accessories suitable for Electrical Fittings and Apparatus. All these parts and components are strictly as per drawing and specifications. These parts and components are carefully manufactured with automatic machines in a controlled environment with absolute quality control. These components are ideally suitable for Switches, Sockets, Plugs, Switchgear and Control gear industry and Electrical Energy Meters.

Our Brass Products

"MARUTI BRASS PRODUCTS" is specialized and has been a master craftsman for Brass Products. We have our own integrated manufacturing unit wherein we produce our own Brass Bars, Rods and Sections by Extrusion method. Our other products include Brass Sanitary Fittings, Brass Builders Hardware, Brass Auto Components, Refrigeration and Air Conditioner parts etc. Primarily for brass item where machining is involved, "MARUTI BRASS PRODUCTS is doing it", based on drawing and / or sample.

Environment Policy

We are working towards a more green way of packaging our products; such that all our packaging is made of recycled, recyclable or reusable material. Our newly designed packaging will carry a note on recycling of packaging materials hence spreading awareness among the consumers about the importance of recycling or reusing packaging materials whenever possible.

Health & Safety

The following is a statement of the Company’s General Health & Safety Policy in accordance. Maruti Brass Products understands the need for successful Health & Safety management policies. To sustain that commitment we will continually measure, monitor and revise where necessary an annual plan to ensure that Health and Safety standards are adequate.